Of Noble Chains by D.L. Miles Review

Of Noble Chains - D.L. Miles

I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up enjoying this book. I have already been sucked into the story and have become attached to the characters.

Kehzia (Zia) Nobles wants to become a Ventori, clan members that track STRAY Specters, she has one problem though...since her brother was murdered by a Specter she believes that all Specters are monsters. I actually really liked Zia, she's very 'passionate' about the things she puts her mind to, some may say she's also reckless, stubborn, and hot-headed. That is true but she is also very caring and loyal (which you see very clearly as things start to unfold). 

Aeryn Rinehart agrees to mentor Zia so that see can become a Ventori and takes her as his student. He seems to truly care for Zia but he has some secrets that he is keeping from her. Aeryn is still somewhat of a mystery to me and I am ready to find out more about him through out the series.

Iscah (Issy) is Zia's best friend who has a secret of her own that very few know about...and Zia is not one of those few. Iscah (in my perspective) really does love and care for Zia and her family, which she ends up proving in the book. I really loved Iscah, she makes me think of the girl whom everyone underestimates but when it all goes down you want her on your side.

Malachi (Mal) Fel is a strong Caster who is trying to convince Zia that not all Specters are bad. He tries to protect her multiple times through out the book and constantly ask if she is okay. You start to wonder as you read further into the book if the only reason he is sticking around is to convince her to change her view of Specters. Maybe I'm just a sucker but I really like Mal :) Team Zia+Mal all the way!!

Hayden has always (as he says) loved Zia but she is oblivious to it and thinks that he hates her. I have mixed emotions about Hayden but that could be because I am for Team Zia+Mal. I'll just have to wait and see how things go in the next book.

Would I read this book again?
Yes I would

Will I read the next book?

Would I recommend it to others?
Of course!