I am 20 years young and a deep lover of books. I fell in love with reading when I was in middle school when I became friends with the school librarian (whom I am still close with to this day). I read a variety of book genres and once I start a series I ALWAYS see it through to the end, whether I really like it or not. I do book reviews with books I have purchased my self or that were give to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. I also participate in book tours on my blog ( I do not review every book that I read but if a review is requested I will make sure to review that book. If you have a request just message me about about. I love to meet knew people and chat so don’t be shy :) Want to contact me by email you can do so at

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Awakening by Christy Dorrity Review

Awakening - Christy Dorrity

I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.

I added this book to my TBR list when I read that it was based in Celtic mythology. I am a huge fan of mythology but most books are based in Greek and Roman mythology, so this was a unique Young Adult fantasy for me to read. I have been hooked by this story and I am official a fan of the series. Christy Dorrity did a wonderful job creating and writing Awakening. This book is not just for young adults but for adults as well. If you are a fan of mythology, fantasy, romance, and mystery than this book is for you. I cannot wait to see what Dorrity does with the next book of the series. 

Would I read it again?
Yes, I definitely would.

Will I read the next book?

Would I recommend it to others?

Would I read other books by this author?

Blackbrooke by Emma Silver Review

Blackbrooke - Emma Silver

I was given a review copy by the author for an honest review. 

When I read that this was a Young Adult Horror I was a little skeptical in the beginning. I was rewarded with a wonderfully written story that kept drawing me in further and further until I reached the end. Do not let the label Young Adult fool you, this is a true YA Horror that will leave you speechless. The characters were amazing and I got connected to them early into the book. As I read through the story, following Liberty Connor and what she learns about Blackbrooke with the help of her friends, I was a bucket of emotions up to the last sentence. Emma Silver has created an amazing YA Horror that does not lack in its share of gore or nail biting scenes that have you at the edge of you seat.

Shadows on the Nile by Kate Furnivall Review

Shadows on the Nile - Kate Furnivall

I received this book through Goodreads First Reads. (Uncorrected Proof)

*Spoiler Free*

In 1912 London one night Jessie Kenton hears her little brother, Georgie, scream and wakes up the next morning find him gone. Her mother and father never speak of him again.

Twenty years later, Jessie's other brother, Timothy, vanishes. with the guilt over never finding Georgie she sets out to find Timothy which leads her to Egypt along with the help from Sir Montague Chamford.

This is told from different characters' points of view. It was quite easy to follow as the points of view changed from one character to another. To me that was a big plus. There were a few grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, since it was an uncorrected proof it did not bother me as much. I loved the descriptive details throughout the story. I found it easier to picture the surrounding the characters described. The author provided a lot of information of Egypt and many other things through the story so that you are not left wondering or confused. I feel the author did very well in her research of Egypt for this novel.

All in all, I enjoyed my time reading this novel. It was a refreshing difference from what I usually read.

Would I read it again?

Would I recommend it to others?

Shadowhunter's Guide: City of Bones by Mimi 0'Connor Review

Shadowhunter's Guide: City of Bones - Mimi O'Connor

The Shadowhunter's Guide. It's perfect for all of us diehards out there. It contains all the basics you should know about the City of Bones movie. 

What to Know
People to Know
Places to Know 
The Shadowhunters
Weapons of the Shadowhunters
Into the City of Bones
Downworlders, Demons, and Various Other Creatures
Place to Never Forget
Valentine Morgenstern

It had very descriptive details about everything from the characters down to the weapons they use. It gives the reader a quick little sum up about the movie without giving to much away. 

If you want to know more go pick up this sweet little treat for yourself. :)


Of Noble Chains by D.L. Miles Review

Of Noble Chains - D.L. Miles

I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up enjoying this book. I have already been sucked into the story and have become attached to the characters.

Kehzia (Zia) Nobles wants to become a Ventori, clan members that track STRAY Specters, she has one problem though...since her brother was murdered by a Specter she believes that all Specters are monsters. I actually really liked Zia, she's very 'passionate' about the things she puts her mind to, some may say she's also reckless, stubborn, and hot-headed. That is true but she is also very caring and loyal (which you see very clearly as things start to unfold). 

Aeryn Rinehart agrees to mentor Zia so that see can become a Ventori and takes her as his student. He seems to truly care for Zia but he has some secrets that he is keeping from her. Aeryn is still somewhat of a mystery to me and I am ready to find out more about him through out the series.

Iscah (Issy) is Zia's best friend who has a secret of her own that very few know about...and Zia is not one of those few. Iscah (in my perspective) really does love and care for Zia and her family, which she ends up proving in the book. I really loved Iscah, she makes me think of the girl whom everyone underestimates but when it all goes down you want her on your side.

Malachi (Mal) Fel is a strong Caster who is trying to convince Zia that not all Specters are bad. He tries to protect her multiple times through out the book and constantly ask if she is okay. You start to wonder as you read further into the book if the only reason he is sticking around is to convince her to change her view of Specters. Maybe I'm just a sucker but I really like Mal :) Team Zia+Mal all the way!!

Hayden has always (as he says) loved Zia but she is oblivious to it and thinks that he hates her. I have mixed emotions about Hayden but that could be because I am for Team Zia+Mal. I'll just have to wait and see how things go in the next book.

Would I read this book again?
Yes I would

Will I read the next book?

Would I recommend it to others?
Of course!

Wings of Shadow by Anna Kyss Review

Wings of Shadow - Anna Kyss

I have to admit that the cover was the first thing that caught my attention while I was searching through the Kindle store. I was interested when I read that it was about fairies. There are not many book about the fae so I decided to take a chance with this one. The storyline was great but I would have like there to have been a little more to the story, maybe a bit longer as well. The characters had me feeling a mixture of emotions throughout the story. The author did a wonderful job putting together the romance, mystery, humor, and magic for this fictional world. This book is for both young and old readers. My only complaint being I wish there was more to it and that is was a little longer but all in all I enjoyed it.

Crossroads by Glory Rabenaugh Review

Crossroads (The Wanderlust Series) (Volume 1) - Glory Rabenaugh

I won this book through Goodreads First Reads from the author. 
I will try my best to not to give away too much about the book.

I would have devoured this book in one sitting if it wasn't for the fact that I had to go to my classes. From the moment that I finished the first chapter all I wanted to know was what was going to happen next. Every free moment I had I picked it up and read as much as I could before I had to put it down again. It may not be very long but these twelve chapters have only left me wanting more, and after that ending the second book cannot get here fast enough!

Reece Crawford is the High Priestess of Doaine Dile(the largest and most respected coven in the U.S). I have a lot of respect for Reece because when she has to make some tough decisions about someone she loves she knows she has to do what is right.

Hunter Crawford is Reece's twin brother and her complete opposite.

Piers Winchester is Reece's boyfriend who is very...'possessive'. I cannot stand him. 

Nathan (Nate) Adamson is Reece's best friend and her second in command in the coven. I think Nate is a total sweetheart and I love his loyalty to Reece.

Alessandro (Alex) Rinaldi is the leader of the Italian Vampires. He and Dante (another vampire) are long time friends of Nate's family. Alex is just delicious, that's all I can say without giving away too much. ;)

Would I read it again? 

Will I read the next book?
Definitely!! As soon as I can get my hands on it!

Would I recommend it to others?
Of course

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